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10 Brujas to Follow on Instagram

In the past few years we’ve seen a significant amount of Latina feminists proudly reclaiming their inner bruja and embracing the spiritual practices of our African and Indigenous ancestors. For centuries, spiritual practices such as Santería, the Oshun faith, Yoruba, Macumba, Vodou, and more were highly stigmatized and demonized. Spiritual beliefs outside of the Christian/Catholic

Amazon Making the Cut Season 1 Episode 10 Finale Results

It’s the finale of Prime Video’s Making the Cut! The last episode left us on a cliffhanger of who would make it onto the final two. After the judges speak with the designers and deliberate, Sander Bos is sadly sent home. Tim Gunn emotionally reminds Bos that he has a successful future ahead of him.

10 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Can you really lose weight by snacking? If you’re coming from a traditional diet background, the idea might sound a bit absurd. After all, food is calories. If you want to lose weight, eat less. It’s that simple… right? Actually, sustainable weight loss is anything but simple. For most people, making lasting change means building