Casting Call: Ben Affleck Batman Movie Part One Last week I decided to lend DC …

Casting Call: Ben Affleck Batman Movie Part One Last week I decided to lend DC and Warner Bros. a helping hand and gave them the perfect Batman Movie for the DCEU if youre a Batman fan I suggest you check it out. However Im a nice guy and Ill give you the basics. Since DC wants to have a lot of Batman villains in it I felt instead of one giant movie adapting the classic Batman: The Animated Series episode Almost Gotim where some of Batmans greatest foes sit around and tell stories of how they almost killed the Batman. With that in mind I picked the following Catwoman who tells the story The Long Halloween Two-Face with Dark Victory Bane with Knightfall and The Joker with A Death in the Family. For this I will cast the new characters to the DCEU and of course those already cast will not be recast. So with that in mind to quote Heath Ledgers Joker Here we go. First up Ill start with our story tellers. We already have our Joker who was played by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad and is probably under contract for a few more movies. For Catwoman one of the most important thing is that you need is an actress with a fiery presence and who is believable as a kick-ass femme fatale and honestly this was the hardest character for me to cast in the end it finally came to me and Morena Baccainis who I would cast as the new Catwoman. It was mainly her roles in Firefly and Deadpool that did it for me. Both roles have elements of Catwoman in the especially her origin as a prostitute turned cat burglar popularized by Frank Millers Batman: Year One. Our next story teller is Two-Face a.k.a Harvey Dent. To play Dent/Two-Face well and actor must be able to play multiple characters at one time. Aaron Eckhart did this brilliantly in Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight. He was the hot shot ace District Attorney who was turned into the psychotic dual personality Two-Face. To take up this mantle I think Ryan Goslingwould be perfect for this role. He has the good looks to play a pre Two-Face Dent as well as the acting chops to play the duality that is Two-Face after the transformation which we would see. Hed play Dent in Catwomans Long Halloween tale and later Two-Face in his own Dark Victory tale. Movies like Drive The Nice Guys Ides of March and The Notebook show Goslings range and in all those films show a side of Dent and Two-Face. And the last of our story tellers is Bane. This character has been played twice before on film once by Tom Hardy in the conclusion of Nolans Batman trilogy and in my opinion he was pretty good in the role you know terrible accent aside they at least got the character right as Batmans equal. Hes as smart and strong as Batman and was able to break him unlike his previous big screen portrayal in 1997s Batman & Robin (and thats the last Ill mention of that travesty). In that movie he was just some hulking dimwit who protected Poison Ivy. So who would I get to play him? Well to play him I want a larger than life actor. I had always said in the pre Batman & Robin days (sorry I mentioned it again) I would have cast ArnoldSchwarzenegger because of his shear size. Well Arnold was cast in that movie just as the wrong character. So my new Bane would be the Mountain himselfHafþór Júlíus Björnsson. The man is huge and holds several world records in strength not to mention breaking a 500 year old Viking record. He is truly believable as a man who could break Batman. The Iceland born actors accents could be a problem but with Banes mask you could always dub over his voice and use camera tricks to do so if there are scenes with no mask. That brings us to the end of Part One on this Massive Casting Call. Next Up will be Catwomans tale of The Long Halloween.

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