Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 7 – 1 3, 2021

This Thursday, June 10, turn your attention to the most important thing of all: your health and self-nurturing! If you’ve been taking care of everyone except YOU, 2021’s only new moon in Gemini—also a seismic solar eclipse—helps you turn over a new leaf. True, a few tough decisions may be in order, like stepping back from trying to “save” someone you love so that you don’t drown with them. It’s not that you’re abandoning ship, Capricorn, you’re restoring your own strength for when the moment comes that they’re ready to receive your no-B.S. brand of support.

In the meanwhile, build energy by eating clean, sleeping long and moving your body often. Swap Moscow mules for some moringa smoothies; stream fitness classes or routines that you actually look forward to doing. But don’t waste a nanosecond berating yourself for past “sins.” You’re only human, and hopefully you had your fill of decadence along the way! If you live with other people, who can be your accountability buddy as you make nutritious meals and daily exercise a part of your shared lifestyle?

Ready to take a really deep dive into intimacy and passion? On Friday, June 11, lusty Mars struts into passionate Leo, firing up your eighth house of seduction and perma-bonding for the first time in two years. Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll want to plunge into deeper waters or nudge a budding union to see if it’s got staying power. But small talk and petty drama? No time for THAT! Don’t stick around forever if you’re pretty sure you’re at a dead-end. Between now and July 29, you’ll need to know if you and “someone” have a chance at eternal happiness. No one on the romantic radar? Mix things up, from hanging out in newly opened venues (or dating apps) to being more proactive with intriguing new people, to asking friends to make some thoughtful introductions.

And do a little self-reflection: Have you been holding back out of insecurity or because you’re waiting for others to show their scars first? If you’re willing to be more vulnerable, things could unfold in surprisingly beautiful ways. Already attached? Share a secret fantasy or talk more openly about unmet emotional needs. Mar gives you the courage to discuss dissatisfaction. As long as you couch your complaints in a loving “praise sandwich,” they’ll inspire constructive action.

Signals may scramble on Sunday as the Gemini Sun in your detail-driven sixth house gets thrown off its game by fuzzy Neptune in your indecisive third. Simply figuring out how to cook your eggs could take five times longer than usual! Under this fluctuating formation, we recommend bringing at least one outfit change in your bag. Even if it’s not your mood or fashion sense that shifts, your previously scheduled agenda could. Don’t be rigid about changing plans. A last-minute invite may bring a powerful opportunity to mingle with influencers, even if you weren’t technically prepared. And don’t resist when a friend asks to bring a plus-one along for pre-scheduled weekend plans. There may be serious synergy to explore between you and this mystery guest.

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