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June 7, 2021

Whoa there, Capricorn! You’re in such a hurry to cross the finish line today that you’ve lost sight of everything BUT your goal. That tunnel vision could cause more drama than you realize. And hey, what ever happened to celebrating when you hit a milestone, even if it’s a bittersweet one? Under today’s moon-Saturn square, you might have to cut your losses or accept that you didn’t reach a certain financial threshold, for example. Maybe you have to delay a debut or scale back a little. It happens. The real question: Did you give it your all? Knowing you, the answer is probably yes. (And if you didn’t, it’s worth pondering why not.) The effort alone is worthy of rewarding yourself. It might be “business as usual” for you to play this hard, but most people only put a fraction of your effort and intention into their projects. Remember that!

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