Books About Race on College Campuses

Joining the fight against racial injustice starts with listening to Black voices, sharing resources, and fully educating yourself on the systemic issues that affect Black people. Racism on college campuses affects everyone, and it’s important for all students to acknowledge that non-Black students benefit from a system that has discriminated against Black students. From specific events like the Stand in the Schoolhouse Door at the University of Alabama in 1963 to broader topics like the history of African American Greek life, we need to acknowledge and understand the discriminatory history of higher education. And while that discrimination sadly continues to this day, educating yourself is the first step in taking action for change.

This list of books from Black writers covers hard-hitting research on systemic injustice against nonwhite college students, including deeply moving memoirs on what it’s like to be a Black person on campus. No matter if you haven’t started college yet or have been an alum for years, add these to your reading list.

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