Best M16 loadout in Black Ops Cold War 

The iconic M16 isn’t a part of the assault rifle class in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This time around, it is in a category called tactical rifles, which will likely serve as something similar to the marksman rifle category in Modern Warfare. However, there will probably be even more niche weapons past a 3-burst rifle and a semi-auto rifle as newer guns are added to the game.

So far, the M16 has proven to be very lethal in the right hands. It’s not a weapon that is going to instantly erase anyone like the AK74u. In some cases, it can be harder to maneuver around compared to other weapons, as the 3-burst function makes it slow and clunky. But if a player really knows how to utilize the M16, 1 burst kills are going to be consistent, and they feel similar to a sniper shot because of the time to kill. With the right attachments, at least the clunky aspect of the rifle can be fixed to an extent.

Best M16 loadout in Black Ops Cold War 


(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)

Muzzle: Muzzle Break 5.56 or a Suppressor

Muzzle attachments are far more useful in Black Ops Cold War than they were in Modern Warfare. The reason being that there really aren’t any cons on an attachment like the Muzzle Break 5.56. Instead, it only adds some control to vertical recoil, which can be a great help to any player carrying the 3-burst rifle.

It’s hard to ignore the prevalence of suppressors in Black Ops Cold War though. They can be a life saver on any weapon now, because the usual radar system is back in the new Call of Duty. The Muzzle Break 5.56 is better stats wise, but might not be better in practice.


Sights will always be a subjective attachment, unless it’s something like a thermal. But even then, there is some subjectivity. That being said, the M16 isn’t the best in close quarters, and it is meant for players who are a bit more passive and want to pick players off.

Due to the passive nature of the rifle in Black Ops Cold War, players will want a sight to close that long to mid range gap.

16″ Strike Team Barrel

The Strike Team Barrel isn’t going to increase any range, but rather it increases the speed of the weapon, such as the aim down sight speed. The barrel also increases the fire rate of the M16 as a whole, which is invaluable in Black Ops Cold War when so many weapons can erase players with ease.

Quickdraw Handle

This is a staple attachment in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. The Quickdraw Handle is going to flat out increase some mobility and ads speeds on the M16. Aim down sight speed will always be one of the most powerful stats on a weapon with this attachment.


There are really 2 main under barrel attachments to choose from for this loadout. The first is the foregrip as it will simply alleviate some of the M16’s recoil struggles and provide a more steady burst for most players. But if a user feels comfortable enough with the M16, something like a Marshal Foregrip can be substituted for further speed and mobility stats, which are always a plus in Black Ops Cold War.

Published 12 Oct 2020, 23:44 IST

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