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How to Answer Kids’ LGBTQ+ Questions

If there’s one thing we can say about kids universally, it’s that they’re curious as all get out. Whether they’re asking you embarrassing questions in the grocery store parking lot or they’re pestering you about where babies come from, answering tough questions is an inescapable aspect of parenting. Given your little ones’ natural instinct to

Watch Chloe and Halle Sing Lauryn Hill, TLC, Aaliyah Mashup

Chloe x Halle are getting ready for the launch of their sophomore album, Ungodly Hour, by honoring a few of their musical heroes. The pair showed off their stunning vocals in a mashup performance of “Ex-Factor” by Lauryn Hill, “More Than a Woman” by Aaliyah, and “Creep” by TLC in an Instagram clip on Wednesday

Best Outdoor Umbrellas | 2020

If you have any sort of outdoor space, it’s time to spruce it up and take advantage of it before summer comes and goes. One easy way of doing this is by throwing a patio umbrella into your outdoor mix. Not only do umbrellas provide shade and shelter so you can sit outside rain or