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Vanilla & Brown Sugar Scrub

Today I have a fun, easy, quick DIY sugar scrub you can make in just minutes with supplies you already have around your home, I promise! The materials needed are simple: equal parts white sugar and brown sugar, olive oil and vanilla extract or flavoring. Oh yeah, and a jar to put it in. Any

Double Sugar Scrub Cubes with Honey

I am a big believer in handmade gifts. Especially this time of year. And I think we appreciate anything handmade. Especially smelly good lotions and scrubs and other fun bath products, that we would never go out to purchase for ourselves. Or am I the only one here? So, when I came across a recipe

2 Powerful Banana Face Masks For Dry Skin

Here are 2 powerful banana face masks for dry skin that you can make and use right away using natural ingredients. This dry skin face mask will help you get almost instant results and if used consistently, you will begin to experience smooth glowing skin within no time. Note: If you suffer from skin allergies

You Have Been Cooking Rice Wrong Your Whole Life, Do This When the Water Boils

Rice is anything but difficult to get ready, which isn’t the situation of generally grains. The body has no troubles in processing its starch, and rice yields are higher. Be that as it may, same as different grains, rice isn’t the most beneficial alternative for your suppers. Eating an excess of rice causes weight addition

One Drink Recipe that Flushes Fat Away by Dr. Oz

The primary element of this inexplicable formula that will flush away fat is water, as the fundamental fluid for appropriate body work. Water takes out the abundance squander, hydrates the body and enables the fat-consuming to process. Thus, this astounding beverage gets more than effective outcomes dissolving the difficult muscle versus fat. Fixings: 8 cups

Be Your Own Dentist! Here are Tricks to Remove Tartar Buildup at Home

Tartar is the yellow or dark colored mineral store on teeth, which can prompt periodontitis, particularly on the off chance that it increments and without expulsion. The greater part of you most likely visit the dental specialist so as to address this issue, anyway you can likewise do this method at your home. Simply remember