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5 Exercises You Can Use to Reshape Your Jawline Without a Surgeon – Viral HUG

We usually pay enough attention to our bodies when it comes to exercising, but we forget that our face muscles may need to work out as well. And it’s not just about getting a defined jawline — an expert suggests that performing these exercises may help prevent neck pain, headaches, and jaw pain. The Viral Hug team prepared for you 5 simple yet effective exercises that will help you tone

4 Alternative Sleep Cycles That Can Add Extra Hours to Your Week – Viral HUG

Monophasic sleep seems to be the most popular type of sleep. But there are actually a few more ways you could distribute your rest time and make it fit your schedule and your body clock. For example, a siesta is very common in some countries, like Spain and Mexico. And that kind of sleep schedule is biphasic, because there are 2 sleep periods — a long one at night

Turmeric Toner To Reduce Breakouts And Facial Hair

Turmeric is well known spice used for many purposes and widely used in Indian cooking recipes as well as herbal remedies. Turmeric is capable of treating all types of skin issues such as acne, breakouts, stretch marks, pimples, blackheads and gives you healthy and glowing skin. The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties in turmeric

How to Use Turmeric for Facial Hair Removal?

Facial hair is one of the most embarrassing things for many women to handle. That’s the reason they go for painful treatments like waxing, threading, plucking and shaving. But all these treatments often results us in giving temporary happiness and make us to stand in the same place again and again. Have you ever tried