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Best Swimsuits From Riot Swim | 2020

For swimwear that’s equal parts sexy and flattering, Riot Swim is about to be your favorite brand (if it isn’t already). Founded in 2016 by model Monti Landers, the swimsuits range from hight-waisted bikinis to ruched one-pieces that will make you feel 100-percent confident. The brand’s bestseller, the Echo, gives you legs for days and

Glossier Grant Initiative For Black-Owned Beauty Businesses

Amid the worldwide protests happening in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, many brands in the beauty industry have taken action. One brand at the forefront is Glossier, which announced on May 30 that it will be donating $1 million to organizations focused on combating racial injustice and grants for Black-owned beauty businesses. Now,

André 3000’s Political Slogan Shirts For Black Lives Matter

Outkast’s André Benjamin (or André 3000, as we know him) is taking us back to 2014 with the political slogans he used to sport on his jumpsuits during performances. The rapper and actor created a website — aptly titled — where he’s selling 13 different long-sleeved T-shirts that feature his own memorable sayings like

Best Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brushes

While I’ll never break up with eyeshadow (even if I’m hardly in public), it’s been hit or miss when applying other makeup during these months at home. After all, we’re still not supposed to touch our faces, and my preferred way to apply foundation, concealer, and sometimes even shadow was with nothing more than my

What Parents Should Know About Disney’s Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl is finally being released on Disney+ after being rescheduled from last August and then pushed back to even later this year due to the pandemic. But reader, it was worth the wait! The movie, which is based off the first book of the bestselling series of the same name by Eoin Colfer, is

Indoor Allergens That Could Be Triggering Your Sinus Pain

Staying indoors to temper your seasonal-allergy symptoms is a realistic way to feel better throughout spring and early summer — just as long as the inside of your home is allergen-free, too. If you’re feeling unwavering congestion, sinus pressure, and headaches while inside, Dr. Purvi Parikh, MD, an allergist with Allergy & Asthma Network, wants