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How to Support Black-Owned Businesses Beyond Buying Products

As protests and demonstrations against police brutality and racial injustice continue to rage in almost every major city in the US, many people who aren’t on the front lines are behind the scenes, contributing to the cause in other ways. Aside from spreading awareness and donating to funds that benefit protesters who’ve been hurt or

Hospital Staff Applauds Protesters in New York City

Hospital staff come out to applaud #GeorgeFloyd protestors in New York – demonstrators shout back ‘Thank You’. — Sarah Walton (@SarahWaltonNews) June 2, 2020 Nationwide, people are protesting to fight police brutality and racism following the death of George Floyd. And while we honored (and continue to recognize) healthcare workers on the front lines

Lizzo Voting Is a Form of Protesting Song | Instagram Video

Image Source: Getty Images / BET2020 Lizzo wants you to find your voice and use it. In a video posted to her Instagram account on Tuesday, the “Truth Hurts” singer shared a song she wrote encouraging her followers to vote in the presidential primary elections happening on June 2 in several states. While she may

Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands at Target

One thing people of color on the hunt for beauty products know all too well is that finding products and brands that actually take our needs into account can be a bit of a journey — especially when it comes to drugstore shopping. Too many times have I found myself roaming the beauty aisles of

Watch TV And Tone Muscles – Without Buying Anything From The Telemarketers!

Who wouldn’t be up for this super awesome challenge to get you into shape? Watching your favorite TV show, or even the news, while exercising and burning those piled up day calories? Here are the easiest and most awesome exercises for couch potatoes. 1. Tone your arms For fit and people who are in shape,

Brands Donating to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Protests continue across the country in response to George Floyd’s death, and businesses are speaking up by showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. We want to highlight brands that are taking action and showing solidarity with the Black community, so we’re spotlighting companies donating money to important causes like the NAACP Legal