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Live Workouts on @POPSUGARFitness Instagram Week of 3/30/20

We see you out there crushing one at-home workout after another and looking for new routines wherever you can find them — we’re doing the same thing. That’s why we’re excited to continue offering our ongoing series of live Instagram workouts over on @POPSUGARFitness to keep you motivated, moving, and feeling good wherever you are.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Fighting During Self-Isolation

Remember when Kristen Bell put on a swoon-worthy dance party outside of Dax Shepard’s window when he was self-isolating away from her and their two daughters? Well, it was fun while it lasted! The couple have since reunited, and after sheltering in place together for a few weeks, it doesn’t appear to be a form

Podcasts from stars like Gwyneth and Oprah which might just bring you some peace

Never tried a podcast before? Now is the perfect time to turn off the TV, switch off the PC, and stop being glued to your smartphone screen. Listening, without any visual stimulus, can be a wonderfully restful experience. And hearing some wise words from these wellbeing gurus might calm your frazzled nerves. Best of all,

Joe Wicks and Chris Hemsworth work-outs to get you fit at home during lockdown

Joe Wicks’ inspired weekday workouts have captured the imagination of primary school kids across the nation – Superman lunge anyone!? But keeping fit at home during the coronavirus crisis is not just for youngsters, you know. Swap your pyjamas for a tracksuit and give your mind and body a boost with a living room workout.

Andy Cohen Reunites With His Son After Having Coronavirus

Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen has officially been reunited with his 1-year-old son, Benjamin, after being quarantined due to contracting COVID-19. In a sweet Instagram post, Andy documented the reunion, writing, “I’ve hosted reunions for years, but yesterday’s was the best one yet.” The 51-year-old dad announced on March 20 that he “wasn’t

USOPC Delegates a Mental Health Taskforce For Team USA

The consensus from many athletes is clear: postponing the Olympics until July 23, 2021, and the Paralympics until August 24, 2021, amid the novel coronavirus pandemic was smart. Though it gives them a full extra year of training, it’s hard news to bear — and the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) announced on