ASOS praised on social media for featuring plus-size bikini model

ASOS has been applauded on social media for featuring a plus-size model wearing a bikini on the retail site.

The term “bikini body” has been used in past marketing campaigns to imply that women should try and achieve a certain body ideal in order to proudly don a bikini when the summer comes around. 

However, the inclusion of a plus-size model wearing a bright yellow bikini on the ASOS website is winning serious praise for showing that women of all shapes and sizes should feel no qualms about baring all on the beach.

Vivian Eyo-Ephraim is represented by Bridge Models and has previously worked as an extra on TV. 

A few days ago, an individual on Twitter drew her followers’ attention to a selection of photos of Eyo-Ephraim that had been featured on ASOS advertising a halterneck-style yellow bikini.

Her tweet currently has more than 8,000 retweets and more than 31,000 likes, with many people expressing how much they admire ASOS for promoting inclusivity and diversity in the comments below.

“She’s so beautiful and seeing my body shape being represented as well makes me so happy,” one person wrote.

Another Twitter user explained how seeing Eyo-Ephraim in the bikini had given her the confidence to consider wearing one for the first time. 

“I’ve never, ever seen an ad like this before,” she wrote.  “I’ve never worn a bikini before because of my body type.

“This makes me think about trying it. Pretty cool.”

Eyo-Ephraim has felt overwhelmed and overjoyed by the amazing reactions her photos have received on social media.

“I am so grateful to Bridge Models and ASOS for championing diversity in the fashion industry and giving me this amazing opportunity to do a job I love,” she told Insider.  

“To have the public respond in such a positive way to one of my first jobs is so unbelievable, it just highlights now more than ever that we want to see a wider representation of women and men on the high street and we are going to champion the brands that listen to us.”

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