Aries Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 7 – 1 3, 2021

It’s not like you, Aries, to hold back when you have something to say. So look out world! This Thursday, June 10, 2021’s only new moon in Gemini arrives as a power-packed solar eclipse in your third house of communication and self-expression. Whatever you’ve been sugar-coating or waiting for the “right moment” to unleash will now come pouring out, uncensored. While honesty might be what’s necessary to move the needle, the electrifying jolt of an eclipse can make things sound harsher than intended. Before Thursday, take stock of relationships—from work to personal—that feel mired in inauthenticity. If you COULD say anything, what would it be? Of course, Mercury is retrograde until June 22 so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By rehearsing your lines a little, you sidestep the risk of destroying an innocent person’s ego with your truth.

Since this eclipse lands in your cooperative third house, an exciting partnership opportunity could emerge. You didn’t see this one coming necessarily, but now that it’s in front of your face it’s completely obvious. It’s possible you considered your potential plus-one “the competition” in the very recent past. Projects involving writing, broadcasting, teaching, emerging technology or anything hands-on get a power-packed boost. Dive in and develop, Aries, and you’ll have something major to debut by the Gemini full moon on December 18!

On Friday, your galactic guardian, passionate Mars, marches into fiery Leo and your fifth house of glamour, amour and creativity until July 29. Here’s a cue to stop sweating the critics, and just do YOU! With the sheer force of your formidable will, you could attract the attention of big-league influencers who can give you a leg up onto wider platforms. If you’re in the arts, the world might become your actual stage—or prime gallery wall space—so stand and deliver! Still developing your craft? Do something to move the needle, whether that’s workshopping your talents in a mastermind group or taking private lessons with a master teacher.

Ready for the big reveal? Once Mercury turns direct on June 22, you’ll have an entire month that’s perfect for putting yourself out there. These days, “self-promotion” doesn’t have to be “shameless”: If anything, think of it as taking a stand for what you believe in, whether that’s a charity, a political cause or your own creative project! In this flirty zone, Mars could spark a romantic renaissance before summer is half over, so take inventory of your lingerie drawer and replenish as desired! Couples should plan a romantic getaway, if only for a long weekend.


Take nothing at face value on Sunday when foggy Neptune locks into a signal-jamming square (90-degree angle) with the Gemini Sun. Agreements you thought were solid may feel more like Jell-O—and good luck trying to hash out a compromise. Dialogues could just turn into diatribes where nobody winds up feeling heard! If a “crisis” arises, don’t jump into the role of rescuer. The heady buzz it brings will only last a minute and is likely to be replaced by annoyance when the person you “saved” demands more caretaking instead of stepping up. Give yourself space to assess the situation. That way, you can determine how best to get involved without getting swept into people-pleasing.

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