Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 7 – 1 3, 2021

You won’t be able to duck the spotlight—or any emerging superfans—this Thursday, when the Gemini new moon stokes your impossibly flamboyant fifth house. This one’s a power-packed solar eclipse, which throws an element of exciting uncertainty into the mix! Seize the chance to audition for whatever your heart desires. Be it a new romantic role or a prominent position on an upcoming project, you’ve got this in the bag, Aquarius. What you DON’T want to do is underestimate your own value. Odds are, you’ll bring more to this mission than anyone expects. That’s just how your devoted, high-vibe sign rolls. So when it comes time to talk compensation, don’t let your, er, charitable spirit take hold. While you don’t want to bid yourself out of a plum opportunity, your efforts will ideally be attracting abundance for everyone involved. And unless this is expressly stated as a volunteer position, you need to be rewarded for your efforts.

New moons bring fresh starts, so let it infuse any creative area of your life that’s felt stagnant lately. The fifth house also rules risk-taking (and fertility). If you’ve got bambinos on the brain, this is a “ripe” time to go for it! If you definitely do NOT want that outcome, double down on precautions—100 percent of the time. Already residing in a couple bubble? This rarefied eclipse could inspire you to take a big next step, like moving in together or making it official in another big way.

Hand that entertainment director’s baton to someone else on Friday. You won’t be needing it this week—and possibly not until July 29—thanks to the return of passionate Mars to Leo and your seventh house of relationships. As the lusty, libidinous planet heats up your dynamic-duos zone for the first time in two years, you’ll only have eyes for one special someone, or the bandwidth to find that person! What you WON’T have energy for are people’s diva-like demands and dramas. Don’t worry about compromising your famously fierce indie spirit. With the right person and an open line of communication, you won’t have to sacrifice precious “me time.” This is how enlightened couples roll!

This is a great time to allow bae to peer into your more vulnerable corners. You don’t have to share all your secrets, but not hiding behind your humor could deepen the bond. Single? Set the intention to attract someone who shares your need for autonomy AND will appreciate your eccentric and adventurous personality enough to go with your flow.

On Sunday, you may be craving single-barrel bourbon from the topmost shelf, but would you be better off sticking to a beer-and-burgers budget? (And how about a cold-pressed green juice?) The Sun in your hedonistic fifth house gets hit by a tense square from boundless Neptune in your second house of finances. If you’re struggling to make ends meet or just saving up for something more meaningful, put yourself on a weekend “cash diet.” With hazy Neptune in the frame, buyer’s remorse may kick in the minute you hang that graphic art print on the wall and realize that you could have made the same thing by yourself in Photoshop. Challenge yourself to try the delayed gratification route. If you can’t stop thinking about it by next week then maybe it SHOULD be yours.

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