9 Things to Pack for Your Travel Wardrobe in 2021

9 Things to Pack for Your Travel Wardrobe in 2021


I can’t even express in words how thrilled I am to be writing stories about travel again (and to travel myself) after well over a year of that topic being basically off the table. As much as I despise packing, I even missed that aspect of it. Speaking of which, every time I scroll through my Instagram feed, I see that people are very much back out there, happily visiting some of their favorite destinations once again. And yes, I’ve been taking notes.

If you’re feeling a little rusty at the whole packing thing, you’re definitely not alone, and you’ve definitely come to the right place. Below is a compilation of items that everyone seems to be packing for travel this year and that are worth your consideration. Scroll to get inspired and to shop pieces you might want to have in your suitcase when you land. As they used to say back in the pre-2020 days, bon voyage! 

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