7 Weight Loss Mistakes Even Healthy Women Make

You follow a healthy diet, you eat fruit as a snack, you pay attention to the calories you eat and yet when you step on the scale you start to wonder what are doing wrong.

Even when you exercise regularly and you eat healthy you might make small mistakes that will hinder the results you were hoping to get.

7 Weight Loss Mistakes Even Healthy Women Make

1. If you regularly count calories… Determine the right amount for you.

According to a survey, only 10% of Americans find the best amount of their daily calorie requirements. The rest of the people tend to miscalculate. For example, if you think that 2,000 calories are enough for you during the day to reach your weight goal, but in reality you only need 1,800 calories, it means that you eat 200kcal more every day.

Weight Loss Mistakes

Do it better:
If you need to consume 1,800kcal you should split it into three meals of 500kcal and one snack of 300kcal.

2. If you’re active all the time… Change your routine.

If you spend couple of hours per day running errands, you probably feel like you have worked out. However, even though you walk around with those grocery bags you won’t spend more than 400kcal, which is around 1/10 of a pound.

Do it better:
You will burn more calories and fat if you have short burst of intense activity. When you walk you can pick up the pace and burn additional calories. If you swim you can try more challenging swimming styles. If you ride a bike you can pick up the pace 1 minute out of every 5. Try these intervals and see how it goes.

3. If you choose nutritious foods… Pay attention to how much you eat.

What you eat is important, but how much you eat is even more important. If you have a nutritious breakfast such as a cup of oatmeal with banana, walnuts, maple syrup, and a glass of blueberry juice you will surely get the nutrients, but you will also get too many calories.

Do it better:
If you aren’t sure how much you are eating, you should write everything down. When you do that you become aware of what and how much you have eaten.

4. If you order the “healthiest” item on the menu… Research the menu in advance.

If you think that the turkey sandwich is a better option than pizza, you are probably right, but often looks can be deceiving. One turkey sandwich that goes with cheese and mayo on focaccia can have 900kcal, whereas two pepperoni pizza slices can have 500kcal. People also think that healthy versions of the same meal have more nutrients and less calories, but they are usually wrong.

Do it better:
 Before you get to the place where you want to eat you should look up the nutrition facts. Check whether you can find something online or in their store, you will surely be surprised.

5. If you choose “diet” treats… Better eat the real deal, but in a small size.

A lot of people think that eating a sugar-free, fat-free sweets is a smart snack choice. However, it is found that overweight people who tend to pick up low-fat snack versions rather than regular ones consume more calories. People who don’t know that a fat-free or sugar-free version contains so many calories tend to eat more.

Do it better:
 Eat a reasonable amount of the real thing. If you crave for a scoop of ice-cream, get a small scoop of the real deal instead of three scoops of low-fat version.

6. If you only do crunches… Don’t forget about cardio.

Women often make the most common fitness mistake, which is they do too many crunches thinking they will lose belly fat, and they forget about the cardio. Your belly won’t become flat unless you shed that top layer of fat. In order to do that you need to burn more calories. The best kinds of workouts are interval trainings because you will alternate between high-intensity bursts with a little bit of recovery time. This is proven to be the most effective way to burn fat.

Do it better:
 You should aim to have three interval sessions and three steady-paced workouts which will last between 30-60 minutes. Include some ab exercises and you will surely get the results you want.

7. If you snack without being aware… Be careful on the amount you eat.

If you think that you watch what you eat, you should think again about all those stolen bites that add calories and make you put on pounds fast. If you eat while you are distracted you will eat more calories than you actually need because you fall into the trap of mindless eating.

Do it better:
Don’t eat if you are wondering with your mind somewhere else. Eliminate all kinds of unnecessary distractions such as the TV, computer, or a book while you eat and focus on the food you are eating.

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