All of us are nurturing our body and face in best way we know about.

Although some little tricks with which we can shorten the path to beauty stay unknown… Until today!

These are tips for beauty which real professionals are giving to us!

1. Draw the line of the eyeliner with creon

If you don’t have really steady hand it will be difficult to make completely precise and equal lines to both eyes. Along with that, eyeliner which applies directly on skin will smear more quickly. Because of that use creon to make line along the edge of eyelash which you will cover with eyeliner later. Precision and long last effect are guaranteed!

2. Napkins instead of stone powder

When your T zone starts to shine because of excess of oil on your skin, and you don’t have stone powder which would help you to get rid of unwanted shine, you can use common napkin. Just press it a few times to absorb the oil.

3. Gentle and sexy day look

If you like a bit stronger, but still not aggressive look, make the line along the upper eyelash with eyeliner, and with brown creon along the lower one.

4. Warm up the eyelash curler

Put your eyelash curler under the stream of hot water or warm it up with the hair dryer, and then curl your eyelashes. In that way the effect will be better, and eyelashes will be curled for a longer period of time. Of course, pay attention not to burn yourself. The curler should be warmed up just a little bit so it can transfer the heat on eyelashes.

5. Without the powder after 35.

After 35th year of your life you should avoid using powder on your face, especially dust powder. Reason? It stuck into the wrinkles and makes them more noticeable, and you look older than you really are. Instead of that use toned moisturizing creams.

6. Always wear cream with protective factor

Always, but always, no matter where you are and which season it is, wear the cream with protective factor on your face, hands, cleavage and other parts of the body that are always exposed to sun. UV radiation is the greatest enemy of the beauty of your skin.

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