5 Fashion-Forward Basics That Will Enhance Your Wardrobe

5 Fashion-Forward Basics That Will Enhance Your Wardrobe


When it comes to the true backbones of a wardrobe, basics reign supreme. These simple items act as foundational pieces to help balance out trendier picks in a look. You probably have a range of go-to pieces in your closet. You know, items like straight-leg jeans, crew-neck sweaters, and the like. Well, there are a few fresh basics that I think would be worthy additions to your assortment because they really do help enhance your wardrobe even more.

The modern basics in question are all extremely versatile and could easily be mixed and matched with other basics or even statement-making picks to create those well-balanced ensembles. As a preview, I’m talking about sleek tailoring picks and chic knitwear.

Keep scrolling for more insight into these top-notch basics, complete with visual and shopping inspiration.

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