37 Cute Nordstrom Basics to Add to Your Wardrobe

37 Cute Nordstrom Basics to Add to Your Wardrobe


I recently went through my closet to get rid of pieces I was just, well, over. Sure, said items were fine and all, but given that I hadn’t worn many in a long time, they just didn’t serve as much of a purpose anymore. While I’m certainly not going to add a ton of new things to my closet to replace everything I put aside, I am considering adding a piece or two to freshen up my offering. If you, too, aren’t feeling some items in your wardrobe and want to mix in something new, you’ve landed in the right spot.

I actually scrolled through Nordstrom to shop for myself. I’m feeling this jacket right now. In addition, I took the time to go through the new arrivals to pull out a range of cute pieces to share with you below. The items fall into that “next-level basics” category. Essentially, everything is versatile in nature and also has that chic and forward twist.

Keep scrolling to check out a ton of chic Nordstrom basics. You may just uncover the perfect new piece to upgrade your wardrobe.

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