30 Investment Fashion Basics That Just Make Sense

30 Investment Fashion Basics That Just Make Sense


I am what some would consider the opposite of a practical shopper. Instead of investing in all the quality basics that will ensure I have a well-rounded wardrobe, I prefer to throw down for the latest and greatest trend or It product. As someone who writes about the importance of building a strong wardrobe via investment basics, I could see how the aforementioned statement might seem hypocritical, which is why I am writing this story. I finally spent some time searching for basics that didn’t come from Amazon (my guilty pleasure) and the pieces I discovered actually allowed me to understand the beauty of a well-made basic. Groundbreaking, I know. 

While I am all for a cheap thrill here and there, when it comes to the pieces in your closet that you will inevitably wear the most, spending a little bit more on the quality and shape of said items is always worth it. At least that’s what I’m learning now. Ahead, discover the 30 investment basics I am eyeing now. From vegan leather trousers to the perfect white T-shirt, each item below is worth the splurge, I promise. One look at this stunning versatile and timeless lineup and hopefully, the concept of splurging on something will make a little more sense to you too. 

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