29 Long Shorts for Women That Are So Chic

29 Long Shorts for Women That Are So Chic


There are those that stick to tried and true outfit formulas, and those that shrug off any concept of fashion boundaries. I’d consider myself a part of the latter—there’s rarely any style or trend I won’t touch or at least try—but shorts have always been the exception. It’s not that I have anything against them—if anything they’re downright functional for this time of year—but the mini length and leg squeezing design just doesn’t seem to jive with my thicker thighs and curves. For this simple reason I have sworn off wearing shorts (other for lounging around the house) for years.

But, never say never: something about the moment right now has me wanting to step out of my comfort zone and give shorts another shot. Instead of going for daisy-duke adjacent cut-offs, I’m easing into things by opting for longer lengths that offer a bit more coverage. From tailored versions to carefree vacation-ready shorts, keep scrolling to see all of the longer length pairs I have in my cart right now.

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