21 Corset-Top Outfits to Copy and Paste Into Your Wardrobe

21 Corset-Top Outfits to Copy and Paste Into Your Wardrobe


While every new season brings with it a bevy of exciting trends and outfit ideas, none sit as close to my heart as summer. I’m a sucker for peak-summer style and a good swimwear trend. But this year, the prospect of summer feels all the more exciting—not only because of the rise of the “Hot Girl” style aesthetic but also because, after a year of quarantine, it’s nice to look forward to spending time outdoors in the sunshine. There are many things to be excited about, but if I’m honest, there’s one specific trend that has me sweating more than the others: corset tops. While the lingerie-inspired look is nothing new, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this risqué trend was at the top of my revenge shopping list. It’s already an alluring top, and with new versions of the staple including everything from underwire busts and puff sleeves to bold patterns and cozier fabrics, this trend is too spicy not to try. 

Still not sure how you feel about corset tops or unsure of how to actually wear one? Ahead, we’ve rounded up 21 corset-top outfits that make a serious case for investing in the trend for the summer.  Dressed up or dressed down, this top is the must-have staple of the summer.

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