20 Lightweight Concealers That Get the Job Done

20 Lightweight Concealers That Get the Job Done


When you find the right concealer for you, it’s everything. You know it’s the right one when you find it because it manages to work with your specific skin type and address your specific needs. It also seems to blend in seamlessly so it looks ultra-natural, and not like you’re trying to cover up an angry pimple or major redness. Oh, and it’s long-lasting and doesn’t cake or crease. You’ve hit the jackpot. Have you found yours yet? Is that too tall of an order?

If that’s not enough, I do have another thing that’s on my checklist when I’m shopping for concealers. It has to be lightweight. Because who wants to deal with something that looks and feels heavy? This is especially true for me in the summer months when my makeup already feels like it’s melting off. I prefer to have it feel like I’m wearing absolutely nothing.

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