11 New Wardrobe Essentials We're Wearing on Repeat

11 New Wardrobe Essentials We’re Wearing on Repeat


If someone were to ask me what my wardrobe primarily consists of, I’d say basics, without hesitation (and trendy accessories, but that’s a topic for another story). I live in the South and work from home full time, so I just don’t require a very fancy wardrobe on a day-to-day basis. A typical outfit for me consists of a handful of basics that I’ve worn multiple times in multiple combinations. Although I’m certainly guilty of it, one of my pet peeves is when I buy something and only wear it once or twice, so I really focus the bulk of my shopping budget on special basics that won’t just waste away in my closet.

Having an easy time picking out outfits, in turn, makes life easier, and the only way I’ve found to achieve that is by stocking up on basics. The 11 I list below have really helped me avoid many of those dreaded “I have nothing to wear” days, and I presume they may help you too. Scroll on to shop the TK special basics I refer to as life-changing.

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