10 Amazing Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Warts

If you go to any of the forums that discuss warts on the internet, you’re likely to find a few stories of people who were teased repeatedly because of the condition. There are also other members on these forums who are looking for the fastest and best ways to get rid of their warts. There are other people who have tried all sorts of wart removal procedures only for them to grow back. Warts are very stubborn, unsightly and can grow anywhere on the skin. For most people, they are depressing, irritating and even embarrassing at times.

So What Exactly Are Warts?

Usually caused by viruses, warts are skin growths that are very benign in nature. HPV (also referred to as human papillomavirus) is the culprit responsible for these growths. The virus affects the top skin layer prompting faster growth thereby resulting in warts. If you have an open wound which comes into contact with someone who has this virus, you’re likely to get infected. The same happens if you share personal care items, razors or towels.

Anybody can get warts. However, toddlers or teens with weak immune systems are more susceptible to getting it. It’s important to know that there are numerous different types of wartsthat look completely unique from each other and usually develop on different parts of the body. Below are 10 amazing natural ways to get rid of warts.

First, there are common warts that usually develop on the hands. They have a dome-like shape and are usually gray-brown in color.

• Secondly, there are plantar warts that usually develop on the soles of the feet. They are very thick and hard with some dark specks. They are often very painful when an individual is walking.

• The third type is the flat warts which usually grow on the legs, arms or face. They are naturally small with flat upper part and usually appear pink, brown or yellow in color.

• Next, there are filiform warts that grow predominantly on the face especially around the chin, nose or mouth. They are the same complexion as the skin but usually have growths that look like threads sticking out.

• Lastly, there are peringual warts that are found underneath or around toenails or fingernails.

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