10 Accounts to Follow If You're Getting on Fashion TikTok

10 Accounts to Follow If You’re Getting on Fashion TikTok


It’s no secret we talk about TikTok a lot on this site, from the products the app has made sell-out to the tricks we’ve learned from scrolling a little too much on our FYP. We first covered TikTok a little over a year ago, and since then we’ve kept up with users who have been making our favorite fashion content on the site. While Instagram may give us the download on what our favorite fashionable users are wearing, TikTok can often give a little more, even if it’s just 60 seconds.

From product try-ons to fashion history deep-dives, there’s a lot of video content on Fashion TikTok that’s worth taking a look at. Keep scrolling for 10 users we can’t get enough of and think you’ll love just the same.

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