Life is about Balance

Life is complicated, to say the least.  We have appointments, events, meetings, games, and anything else that could possibly take up our time throughout each day.  This can create confusion that sometimes can become overwhelming at times.  However, if we try to remember to maintain balance in day-to-day life, it can turn out to be less chaotic.

Work and Play

This is probably the most important aspect to balance in our lives.  Work too hard and you risk burn out, stress, fatigue, etc..  Over time, this will likely cause negative health effects such as hypertension or depression, and will probably result in a loss of productivity in your work anyways.  In order to combat this, we must have fun.  Do something you enjoy, and suddenly all the work that you have been doing will feel worth it.

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On the other hand, we can’t completely ignore work and focus solely on having a good time without consequences.  We may be able to do this for a week or so, while on vacation or a holiday, but this type of imbalance is just as dangerous as working too much.  You may someday (if you are fortunate) have the ability to focus more on fun than work, but some work must always be done in order to live.  We have to strive to find that healthy balance.

Life and Fitness

If we ignore this balance, we will suffer.  Exercise must be incorporated into daily life, but it also has a great benefit: it can be both work or fun, depending on what you need.  If you’re working too much and need to balance it out, you can exercise in a fun way – killing two birds with one stone.  If you’re having too much fun, partying and drinking too much, working out can provide the work needed to balance out the work/fun relationship.

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Fitness is so important that, if ignored, we will die.  That’s right, I said die.  Not necessarily today or even tomorrow, but eventually you will die.  I know, we all die right.? Well, yea you’re right, but you will live LONGER if you consistently perform exercise throughout your life.  Now that is a FACT.Just look at the rest of this site for proof.

Sorry about ranting a little, but I felt compelled to write about this topic as it has been on my mind for a while.  As I continue to try and figure out what this world is all about, I will remember that life is about balancing everything.  Hopefully this will help us all with our own abilities to sense when things are coming out of balance, and we can fix the problem.

Remember this:  Having  a few of beers can create conversation and make for a great night, but look what happens when you have too many.  We have to find that balance.