American’s Can Have Laser Hair Removal


Both Men and Women are getting all different hair removal services on the unwanted hair on their bodies. What hair or area of you body would you like to be smooth and hair free? No two people are the same but for Lance (below) he does not like chest hair. Being a model himself, he understands the need to have a clean hair free chest area for his photo-shoots. Currently not everybody will want the same region ready, and thats why we can custom tailor a program for just your benefit.

Laser Hair Removal

As you can plainly see in this short clip below, Laser Hair Removal is virtually pain-free and can be done safely with persons of all nationalities and skin tones, provided you choose correctly and come to a company that offers the proper machines for you specific hair and skin type.


Here at Florida Skin Institute, we offer the latest and the best in Hair Removal Laser Treatment in Fort Lauderdale and Weston area. We provide professional treatment to both women and men with our state-of-the-art FDA-approved equipment.

Our highly-trained and qualified staff will make you comfortable for any Laser Hair Removal procedure, from Brazilian Bikini treatment to any other condition you might find embarrassing. You will never have to undergo painful waxing, or experience the stinging sensation when you apply deodorant to freshly-shaved skin again.

We offer complete Laser Hair Removal Services from a minor area like a lip or chin, to hair removal for the full body and all individual choice parts.Plus we are caring and information in the expert services needed by our Transgender and alternative lifestyle clients on their difficult hair removal areas.

Don’t forget we also do common practices like Full Legs, Back, Bikini Lines, or Brazilian bikini’s to Breast/areola and front or back Hair Lines (see the list of our Full Service Laser Hair Removal Treatments).

Our professionals can remove hair from your back or chest, pubic area, face, arms and legs, including your inner nose or ears. Some men are often embarrassed by the hair on their backs, and we can remove this source of embarrassment for you forever. Our services also extend to removing in-grown hairs, which will quickly rid you of your problem, for good.

At Florida Skin Institute (FSI), you will receive the best Laser Hair Removal Treatment from our highly-trained, qualified staff and medically-supervised facilities conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale and Weston.